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Our Story

As the world shifting towards mobile, content is being consumed anytime and everywhere. How do publishers and marketers harness the many unique formats made available by mobile apps?

Mobile apps have delivered new key features, such as location, robust graphics and internet connection, always on mode, device identifications, and many more to the industry. How can content marketing harness the new features? Mobile users no longer solely rely on search to explore new information. How to best introduce content to mobile users?

RollZoo specializes in connecting quality, premium mobile app content to publishers and marketers alike. Since our launch in 2016, RollZoo’s digital media gurus have been building the world’s most dedicated platform for mobile app content marketing, delivering millions of personalized recommendations every month, in videos, native feed units, and interstitials.

RollZoo is New York based, venture funded, and it’s founded by a group of ad tech veterans. The technologies the team has built in the past have been quoted by Wall Street Journal, Ad Age, Ad Exchanger, Digiday, Business Insider as the year’s most disruptive tech for developer monetization.